CLAP Wings Creative Arts and Self Expression

Self-ExpressionThe art of learning is to learn how to find your wings and that is precisely what the medium of arts can do-lend wings to the mind, spirit and being. Wings uses the power of expressive arts to liberate an individual from social boxes and mental barriers. Sufi Dancing, art therapy, dance yoga, Spanish classes, cookery and healing food are some of the disciplines under the umbrella of ‘wings’. Wings showcases programs for Children, Women and Parents.
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  What Wings has in store For You!

  • A comprehensive module with Healing Modalities.
  • Breaking Mental barriers and blocks.
  • A rejuvenating experience with unique offerings.


Profile of Facilitator

Rukshana started drawing and painting like any other child from a very early age. Although she always had her heart set on her Bharatnatyam practice her mother made sure she spent a few hours every week with colors and paints that would help her capture her imagination on paper.Her mother a self taught artist who has won many awards in state level art and craft exhibitions/competitions was her first teacher.She also learnt the basics of watercolor and sketching from the famous artist of Assam Mr.Pranab Barua.

Drawing and Painting found a new meaning in her life about two years ago when she started using the form for therapeutic reason to heal herself. Slowly she allowed herself to break away from the set forms and patterns that she was following all these years and decided to unleash herself to express through paints and the canvas freely.She experimented with different mediums and surfaces.As a part of an experiment she allowed her emotions to choose the surface and medium to create her artworks.

Rukshana is a trained filmmaker from FTII Pune and storytelling is her passion. She has been working in the Hindi film industry in various capacities since 2007.Her short films and documentaries have travelled to many film festivals across the nation.

Rukshana’s artworks are available on Facebook by the name of The Twirling Girl. Her brand name  The Twirling Girl represents the state of freedom and bliss that she found through art.Her last exhibition was at Coomaraswamy Hall Prince of Wales Museum.

ART THERAPY: The World As I See It!

‘The World As I See It’ is a program that aims at guiding the child to break away from set forms and patterns and helps to find his/her unique voice of expression through Art. The program intends to help the child to think beyond the books and the formal lessons of Drawing and Painting and use Art to liberate his/her inner being. We create a platform to help the child to think freely ‘as they like to’ and learn to express ‘their’ emotions through imageries. In a world when the child is constantly compared with his counterparts, we would like them to understand that they are unique and there is no one who is good, bad or best, but there is always a room for betterment.

We would like the child to see beyond the regular mediums used for art and use their imagination to come up with options through which they can express. From beetroot juice, coffee powder to mud and using a broom as a brush to paint, they will be free to use what they like to create the beautiful world the lies within them and share it with others.

Through this program we intend to help each and every child build respect, accept and appreciate their own created world and the world created by others and learn the true way of loving life.

Our program ‘The World as I see It’ helps them to understand how we can establish harmony through art by accepting ourselves and accepting others.

‘The World As I See It’ for the adults uses a similar approach to help each individual reconnect to the inner child in them. The program facilitates in releasing their deep-rooted emotions through the imageries that they create. Our program will focus on helping them accept themselves for who they are and help them look at the beauty of life with a non- judgmental way.