Clap Fiesta

Fiesta- Conversations & Performances

Fiesta is a celebration of life with the magic of performing arts. Clap has an intimate performance space with chilled out seating on bean bags, durries, and chairs, which stages the best of black box theatre, popular plays, stand-up comedy and musical gigs. The Stage is fitted with state of the art sound and light systems.

C.L.A.P. is a Creative Learning Arts and Performance Center, where we promote various drama theatre and artists from diverse genres to perform their art forms. C.L.A.P. was formed in 2016 to bring black box theatre to the suburban areas of Mumbai. It has become one of the most sorts out a place for theatre in Mumbai. The intimate setting of the black box theatre provides a unique and immersive experience to the artist as well as the audience. It is also furnished with bags, carpets, chairs and other forms of comfortable seating. CLAP has state of the art facilities and is spread over a 3000 square feet space with the rich artistic decor. Its intimate structure design has a capacity of 100 people. We are also known for being a major provider of theatre rentals. We attract an audience from SECA and AB of the suburban localities and have high weekend footfalls.

We are one of the best theatres in Mumbai to provide venues. The audience finds clap as their favorite place for relaxation and Rejuvenation. It covers a wide spectrum of dramas, which provides an enriching and fulfilling experience for the viewer as well as the artists. CLAP not only stages drama for adults, but we also stage drama for kids. Along with the above-mentioned activities, CLAP also provides various creative and artistic workshops to enhance different portfolios of interests in regards to kids and adults.

Our stage show is also graced by the presence of renowned theatre veterans; popular media personalities and musicians who perform on a regular basis with us. It brings us pleasure to mention that around the month, we stage minimum 20 shows on our stage, as we want to continue with the legacy of getting the best talents of the town to showcase on our stage. It is one the renowned locations in the western suburbs. Being located bang opposite to Infiniti Mall adds as a beneficiary for both the audience as well as the artists, to reach the venue with ease. It not only covers drama, we also stage stand-ups by famous comedy artists. For music lovers, we help them with ‘Musical Wednesdays’ wherein we have different musical bands from all around the town coming here and performing.

Going back to the olden times, where screening at theatres was not available and entertainment was merely through the stage, the performances were delivered by the artists who created an intimate and realistic experience. Clap was conceptualized with the aim to create the same feelings and emotions along with the realistic approach of the script and direction, so as to take back the audience to those days where drama was alive and real.

Team Fiesta works at staging dramas with the motive of bringing in the theatre artists from different genres to showcase their specialized talent. Here at clap talent is enabled with state of the art facilities in order to encourage upcoming artists to grow and succeed. We bring in the experience to our privileged audience with live theatre.