Online Career Analysis(Student)

1hr 30min

Are you worried about finding the right career for your child?

Do you wonder how can your child be truly successful?

Inner Katha Interventions in collaboration with C.L.A.P brings to use an innovative career guidance system using subconscious visualization and art-based techniques to understand the deeper psyche of an individual and child.

The session will also entail scientific psychometric assessments such as MBTI, Holland career interest model, and other accurate systems.

On can choose from 160+ career paths, 20+ career clusters, and 3000+ occupations, to find the ideal career that is aligned to one’s core personality.

This career analysis system is suitable for:

A) 2nd-7th grade students

B) 8th-10th grade students

C) 11th-12th grade students

D) College students and postgraduates

E) Professionals seeking career clarity, career change or even mid-life career transition

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