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It is always believed- “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” so why not learn music and celebrate life. With the belief of spreading art and love C.L.A.P Wings has joined hands with Musik Factory to bring you a bundle of workshops in the genre of singing and playing instruments.

Musik Factory is a renowned music institution that has trained 1000’s students and they are successfully performing music gigs and shows across the globe and are recording on various international platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and many more.

The Workshops on offer range from singing to instrumental courses for both beginner and advance levels.

So beginners, don’t worry!


  • Western Vocals: This workshop will help the student to learn old & new popular Hollywood hits of different genres and categories.
  • Hindustani Classical Vocals: Hindustani Music has developed over thousands of years and is an integral part of Indian culture. In this workshop, the student will learn vocal techniques such as proper breathing and projection, effective practice methods, and the use of alankars & sargams that enhance performance.


  • Guitar: The greatest instrument of all time, the guitar is fairly portable, relatively inexpensive, easy enough to learn the basics – without any age limit – and you can take one playing as far as they want. The workshop will help one to learn the guitar through dedicated lessons, playing positions, fingerpicking techniques to name a few.
  • Keyboard: Electronic Keyboard is the ideal instrument to help develop one’s musical skills, especially relative pitch and understanding of harmony because the keyboard offers visual support to the comprehension of harmonic structures.


  1. Train one in the art of singing and playing an instrument
  2. Build confidence and love for art.
  3. Preparing one to be able to perform freely on stage.
  4. Teaches the student technicality of music, instruments, and proper vocalization.


Duration: 90 Mins | Day: Every Tuesday

Timing: 04:30 pm to 06:00 pm

Fee: INR 2500/- per student per month


About the Facilitator:

Shipra Malhotra

She is the founder of Musik Factory, herself, is a trained Hindustani Classical singer from Gwalior Gharana, Mewati Gharana. Has done her Guitar Aficionado and music production at Berklee School of Music. She is a Bollywood Singer, lyricist, Composer of various Songs and has sung for renowned media houses. Some of her famous songs are “Prabhu Charno main” for Hungama Channel, “In her shoes” for Natrang Theatre. She is the singer and composer of the Title track of the Bollywood English Golden Jubilee play ”Fourplay” and many more.


For more information, please Call or WhatsApp: +91 98924 35803

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