Image Decode


We communicate even when we are not speaking. This is called VISUAL COMMUNICATION. Visual communication takes place through our clothing, grooming and body language.

Most People know Why Are Clothes So Important… Since about 90% of you is covered in clothing, your attire has a significant role in creating first impression about you

Yet People struggle because they…

  • give undue importance to others’ opinion and suffer from lack of awareness and confidence about their own overall appearance
  • are always looking for approval
  • copy others while attempting to make perfect choice of clothes and accessories
  • trust choices of masses and are led by market trends rather than their own traits and perceptions
  • are unaware of professional expertise available with qualified Image Consultants


Clap Image conducts Walk-in sessions for consultation between 11-1 on Sundays (office- goers) and Mondays (non-office-goers)

For each walk-in client (all age groups) the Image Consultant will

  • Evaluate their clothing, accessories and grooming using Image Scale
  • Find their Image Quotient
  • Give recommendations for improving their Image Profile
  • Complete documentation handed over to each client

Consultation Charges Rs. 200/-


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