Feminine Turf


Feminine Turf is a platform for women of all ages to come together and build a community – a self-sustaining group to share, learn and teach all that we can. There is a series of workshops designed to address women-centric issues like Career Women, Parenting, Self-Care, singlehood, Women Empowerment and Relationships. Members will be encouraged to create their own workshops or events and grow as a community using transparency, encouragement and initiative as guiding principles.

Since long women have hesitated to share their real thoughts and feelings for various reasons embedded in conditioning of the mind since childhood. Very few dare to open up without fear. By good fortune we are living in times when more of us can speak and hope to be find support nearby. Feminine Turf is a special place for a contemporary woman to be in. We diminish the boundaries between working women and homemakers, married women and singles, mothers and daughters, wives and partners – identify commonalities and address challenges together head-on. “Pulling each other up “is the motto to go with!

We have a special segment on Fashion, Styling, Makeup and Shopping – if it attracts YOU!!

Registration fees and entry to first event Rs 250


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