Edge₂Whoa is a one-year program for children 12-15 years of age. Every Sunday for 52 weeks a child learns one futuristic life skill in an experiential learning session through self-motivational techniques. A journal maintained by the child documents every activity he does, his own interpretation and a POA for future. Wide range of Life Skills covered in E2W include emotional intelligence, critical thinking, art appreciation, scientific acumen, career choice, decision making etc.

Children have all inherent properties of WATER –they symbolize natural flow, are source of life, purity, creativity and motion. As water can exist in the three states of matter, so can kids adjust to all adversities of life and still remain undaunted – as pure as they can be.

WE recognize kids as the ultimate epitome of metamorphosis, reflection and cohesiveness. To nurture this talent, it takes great care and effort. And WE have taken that care and put in a lot of effort to bring to your kids a platform that aims at Enhancing Development and Growth via Entertainment.

Building upon the chemical formula of water we call it EDGE2Whoa! Believe it or not the kids who come to our programme create an edge for themselves and make the world go Whoa!

Edge2Whoa is a series of workshops curated to teach kids various life skills using clips from their favourite TV Shows and movies, storytelling, fun activities, hands-on activities, role-playing and games as our learning techniques. Under our watchful eyes and with our guidance their entertainment transforms them into sophisticated citizens with essential life competencies such as conversational skills, correct body language, effective use of gestures in communication, good reading habits, etiquette to impress everyone, dining protocol in various settings, art of problem solving, art of creative thinking and much more.  With us they learn all that makes them well rounded, sophisticated “little people” we all will be proud of.

As parents we know we will not be around forever. We aim to make our kids independent and self-reliant as far as possible. No amount of money can guarantee secure future to our kids as much as correct life skills. Here is a chance for you to gift the most precious moments of life that your kids will cherish forever.


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