Dining Etiquette(Group B)


Fine Dining is an essential part of contemporary lifestyle. A generation of us in India has grown to learn the techniques through informal means such as watching movies, observing others in an opportune setup or from the internet reference sources. However, the next generation need not depend on the age old often inaccurate and inconsistent methods of learning. We need to step ahead and provide them with appropriate, structured and accurate knowledge, skills and attitudes in Dining. This workshop has been designed to make children understand the concepts of Fine Dining and learn Dining Etiquette in a hands-on Lunch session under personal guidance of Professionally Trained Image Consultant.


Social Gatherings and good behaviour

American, Continental and Oriental Dining Styles

Table Layout- Silverware, Crockery and Glassware

Table Manners – International Protocol

5/7 Course Meal

Fine Dining (3-star facility)

Buffet Manners

Be a good host

Age 13 to 16 years


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