Calligraphy Made Easy – Workshop on Artistic Lettering

Workshop I 40min


What is Calligraphy?
Calligraphy is a skill of creating artistic lettering with the hand, but it involves the coordination of the eyes, mind, and heart. The result – beautiful art on paper which is pleasing to the eye and leaves you feeling relaxed.

Why you should learn it:

  • Break old patterns of writing
  • Helps correct handwriting flaws
  • Develop hand-eye-coordination skills
  • Destressed feeling
  • Improved concentration

Styles in Focus: Artistic lettering | Basic stroke | Brush Calligraphy | Calligraphy on Fabric | Different Fonts | Numbers and Lettering | Pencil Calligraphy

Age Group: 6 years & above
Duration: 40 mins | Monday to Friday | 2 Week Program 

Schedule of the sessions:

Week 1: (10:00 am to 10:40 am)
Monday: Doodling with Alphabets
Tuesday: Brush Pen Calligraphy
Wednesday: Calligraphy with Pen
Thursday: Math Numbers with Calligraphy fonts
Friday: Gold Lettering
Week 2: (03:00 pm to 03:40 pm)
Monday: Calligraphy with Pen
Tuesday: Doodling with Alphabets
Wednesday: Gold Lettering

Thursday: Brush Pen Calligraphy
Friday: Math Numbers with Calligraphy fonts






Glimpses of styles:

Gothic Sample work

Gothic Sample Work

Pen Calligraphy

Pen Calligraphy

Calligraphy on fabric

Calligraphy on fabric








About the Facilitator:

Shipra Malhotra

She is a certified Calligraphy professional and a senior Human Resource professional. She has been conducting training and workshops for various facets of Calligraphy, more than a decade. A multi-faceted personality with an innovative mind, she also an expert in fine arts. Winner of 13th National awards in the Field of Calligraphy and Maharashtra Youth Icon Awards -2017, In the field of Calligraphy.


For more information, please Call or WhatsApp: +91 98924 35803

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