C.L.A.P Wings presents Guitar Lab by Ricky Cash

Instruments I 15 Weeks I 60min

If you wish to hit the right chords and create some amazing tunes on your guitar, here is your chance to learn it from a young professional. Join a group session or opt for private classes at your convenience from the comfort of your home.


  • Week 1: Introduction / Tuning
  • Week 2: Notes on Strings / Chords
  • Week 3: Chord Families / Structure of a Song
  • Week 4: Reading Tabulature / Using a Capo
  • Week 5: Barre Chords
  • Week 6: Arpeggios / Hammer / Bending / Pills
  • Week 7: Different Guitar Styles
  • Week 8: Introduction to Songwriting
  • Week 9: Live Jam Session
  • Week 10: Finger Dexterity
  • Week 11: Introduction to Soloing
  • Week 12: Guitar Dynamics
  • Week 13: Composing Your Own Song
  • Week 14: Basics of Live Performances
  • Week 15: Showcase

About Ricky Cash:

Ricky Cash is a singer-songwriter-musician and is the son of well-known Indian country singer Bobby Cash. His music is a multiform and pleasing mix of country, alternative country, rock & roll, and pop. This talented young man desires to work hard at his music, be the best, and connect with his audience from the heart. He aims to enjoy the journey and let his music be his true identity. In January 2020, Ricky became the recipient of the Tamworth Regional Council John Minson Scholarship to attend the CMAA Academy of Country Music.

Fee Details:

  • Private Sessions: Rs. 7000 per month per student
  • Group Sessions: Rs. 3500 per month per student

For more information, contact: +91-9892437976

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