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CLAP is a Creative, Learning, Arts and Performance Center. With an increasing number of followers and likes on our social media platforms, we decided to create a group named Friends who like CLAP. 

Friends who Like CLAP is our Facebook Group where we have an everyday increasing number of members. Currently with more than 8000 members in our group.

As an enabling firm, we aim to help select individuals and businesses involved in the Creative Arts grow. As you are aware when providing any service and maintaining it, a cost is incurred.

We would like to extend the opportunity for you to promote your products to our followers at Friends who like CLAP at a minimal cost of Rs. 500 per approved post.

All you need to do is click on the link below and find your product reach a niche audience of lovers of the Creative Arts. Please read all terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions.
1. CLAP only uses details of its users to facilitate the successful operation of the promotions. CLAP will NEVER utilize details of registered users for any other reason.
2. CLAP reserves the right to unpublish and delete any promotion at any time. The promotion administrator will be notified in advance. If he or she does not respond within 24 hours, the promotion will be unpublished.
3. CLAP will not refund the price of a promotion once it has been paid.
4. We may at our absolute discretion to authorize/restrict promotions at our sole discretion.
5. Your posts shall remain on our page for up to one month at our discretion.
6. CLAP cannot be held responsible for the prizes, products or services offered to members through the promotions.
7. The decision of CLAP in all promotional matters is final and no correspondence/recourse will be entered into if CLAP finds the product irrelevant for it audience, distasteful, etc. CLAP reserves the right to withhold promotional benefits until resolution of any dispute.
8. Convenience fee charged for providing online payment services by any third party shall be borne by the user. Issues, if any, related to online payments will be taken care of at the C.L.A.P. Malad Center only.


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