Aadab Main Premchand Hoon

April 13, 2019 7:00 pm
April 13, 2019 8:30 pm
Theatre | Hindi, Urdu | 1hr 30min


Vaid Moteram Shastri: – It is a comedy story which is a part of the Moteram Shastri Series and in this play, he now wants to become a Vaid but faces multiple problems during the same.


Ilzaam: –This is a very aggressive play that tells us about a husband who always doubts her wife and at the end, her wife leaves him, and he remains alone.



Munshiji projects Uma Pati Narayan as a man who is innocent and honest, But Sometimes innocent and honest people are misjudged by society. It’s a very simple story of Uma Patinarayan who visits his friend’s place and requests him to lend him some money and he would surely return it back in a given period of time but unfortunately, he is unable to return it in a given time. As a reason The man who lends money has no more trust on anyone and decides not to give help anyone financially but that at that very moment he gets a money order of the amount that he gave to Uma Patinaraynaand he becomes very happy about it. All Credit to The director Mujeeb Khan, Who had made this simple story worth watching with some comedy punches and a good sense of humor.


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