99Plus brings our senior citizens together where they can share, participate, teach, learn, have fun – literally anything that they ever wish to do with their peers.  We curate events like open mics, workshops, retro music specially for senior citizens. We invite experts in nutrition, health, geriatric care to make the lives of our seniors comfortable and cheerful.

Instead of just sitting at home, caring for grandkids or waiting for their own children to come back from work, yearning to find someone to talk to, going to the park to meet friends in the evening just to while their time away, we open a box of immense possibilities for them to enjoy by participating in activities of their liking. We give them opportunity to create their own events and conduct them with our support and help.

Depending upon your area of interest you get to choose to be a part of one or more of the groups listed below and participate in events and activities

  1. Literary – Writing, reading, discussions and talks
  2. Style and Style– Fashion, clothing, makeup, dining, body posture, fine dining and lifestyle
  3. Brain Boost – Problem solving, critical thinking, board games, treasure hunts, other games and fun activities.
  4. Fitness – Talks by experts on various health issues, exercise and nutrition
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