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  • Square cut

    6,000 5,391

    Beautiful, vibrant color palette of this painting is created to add elegance to your space.The gold & silver in the…

  • Sufism

    2,500 1,945

    Sufism- Peace, love, and serenity is portrayed through this painting.



    It is a new genre of blending amazing workout steps, immense stretches, body healing with functional strength training, healing Pilates…

  • The Sound of Freedom Concert

    Bored of sitting at home? Wanna escape? Want to let your mind run free? So, what's stopping you! C.L.A.P is…

  • Theatrical Reading – Performed by Bageshri Joshirao

    Leading to India’s 73rd Independence Day, C.L.A.P presents a truly special theatrical reading of Veer Savarkar’s iconic Marathi play, ‘Sanyast Khadg’. Seasoned actor Bageshri Joshirao will be doing a presentation of select dialogues from play. Sulochana is a dedicated wife and lover, a valorous patriot. Veer Savarkar’s portrayal of a woman as a great warrior not only on the war front but in real-life too, will surely provoke you to think. Find out how she deals with the situations in her life and what makes her character so important.    Who is Veer Savarkar? ​ Vinayak Damodar Savarkar commonly known as 'Swatantryaveer / Veer Savarkar' was an  Indian independence activist and politician who formulated the Hindu nationalist philosophy of Hindutva. He was a leading figure in the Hindu Mahasabha and contributed immensely to India’s freedom struggle. Being a powerful orator and skilled writer, he used his literary skills to stir a revolution amidst the public, against the British.   ​ Know your host:   Bageshri Joshirao is a seasoned actor, poet, and presenter who has worked with noteworthy names of the Marathi theatre and film industry such as Vikram Gokhale, Rima Lagu, Jayant Sawarkar, Mangesh Kadam, Leena Bhagwat, to name a few.      Support our artists by making a contribution of any amount, suitable to you. This Independence Day, help the artists become truly Atma Nirbar and support C.L.A.P’s endeavor!  [button…

  • Tickle Right – The Right Brain Education


    Product description:  We at Tickle Right, concentrate on stimulating the right brain of the child. We provide India’s premier authentic…