What is the C.L.A.P Jockey Programme?

C.L.A.P. – Creative Learning Arts and Performance, is a center committed to providing a platform that enables anyone who wants to learn a skill, showcase their talent, or grow as an artist. Since our inception in 2016, we have nurtured artists, hobby enthusiasts, budding musicians, theatre groups, and more. The C.L.A.P. Jockey (CJ) program upholds our core values of Courage, Lateral thinking, Accountability, and Passion. We believe the art of learning is about finding your wings. By enrolling in this program, you get the chance to have your own exclusive medium to showcase your talent for the world to see. As a C.L.A.P. Jockey, you are enabled to host your own show and garner popularity within a larger, relevant community. It also affords you the opportunity to generate income for yourself, thorough your talent, from the comfort of your home!


1. Host your own capsule: 1 hour per week for one month

2. Get promoted as a host: Name mentioned as a CJ on all promotional material used across our social media platforms, website, and other online marketing collaterals.

3. Organic growth in followers: Increase your followers without purchasing packages or indulging in gimmicks to increase likes.

  • Focused social media marketing that engages a relevant audience.

  • Promote your handles during the show.

  • Benefit from our story mentions about you and social media tags

4. Dedicated Vlog: reach out to your audience with a personal touch; make an impact with SEO targeted content.

5. Get personalized guidance on content, on-screen management, and tech support

6. Be featured in our newsletter and reach a country-wide database and audience, directly

7. Build your own presence: Connect with a larger community of like-minded people

8. No holds barred: There is no restriction on the kind of talent, gender, or language of the CJ. Whether you are a performing artist, a hobbypreneur, or someone with a creative mind, there’s a slot and an audience for you!

For any further information, please connect with us at +91 98924 35803.

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