CLAP IMAGE – a vibrant vertical designed by Image Consultant Ravija Srivastava for CLAP offers trainings, workshops, consultations and fun events for “YOU”. Every product in this catalogue is aimed at helping you to project an appropriate, authentic and attractive Image and be a winner in your personal, professional and social realms.

Through our programmes we extend our helping hand to anyone who is seeking to look, feel and perform better in life by addressing issues related to:

  1. Appearance Management
  2. Behavior and Etiquette
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Soft skills
  5. Life Skills

Our signature products enhance people’s lives making them stronger personal brands.

Edge₂Whoa is a one-year program for children 12-15 years of age. Every Sunday for 52 weeks a child learns one futuristic life skill in an experiential learning session through self-motivational techniques. A journal maintained by the child documents every activity he does, his own interpretation and a POA for future. Wide range of Life Skills covered in E2W include emotional intelligence, critical thinking, art appreciation, scientific acumen, career choice, decision making etc.

Perfect10 is a branded signature programme designed for PERFECTION in personal excellence

  • comprises 10 sessions of 1 hr duration each
  • to empower children with life skills essential for survival in the contemporary competitive world
  • Topics covered : appearance management, body language, empathy, social manners, digital etiquette, creativity, problem solving, listening skills, self-control and career focus.

Dining Etiquette(Group A) / Dining Etiquette(Group B)Fine Dining is an essential part of contemporary lifestyle. A generation of us in India has grown to learn the techniques through informal means such as watching movies, observing others in an opportune setup or from the internet reference sources.

Feminine Turf is a platform for women of all ages to come together and build a community – a self-sustaining group to share, learn and teach all that we can. There is a series of workshops designed to address women-centric issues like Career Women, Parenting, Self-Care, singlehood, Women Empowerment and Relationships.

Image Decode Desk We communicate even when we are not speaking. This is called VISUAL COMMUNICATION. Visual communication takes place through our clothing, grooming and body language.

Power Dressing 

  • Understand the impact of visual perceptions on human mind
  • Learn about the power of clothes and accessories
  • Get tips on what to wear and how to wear according to phases of life Twenties, Thirties, Forties, Fifties and so on
  • See a Live Demo of Power Dressing in Indian, Western and Fusion wear
  • Learn the art of Power Presence

99Plus brings our senior citizens together where they can share, participate, teach, learn, have fun – literally anything that they ever wish to do with their peers.  We curate events like open mics, workshops, retro music specially for senior citizens. We invite experts in nutrition, health, geriatric care to make the lives of our seniors comfortable and cheerful.

Brainworx – Smart study skills, speed reading, mind mapping, maximising working memory.