Birthday Parties

Your Birthday is more than just a day on the calendar!

As another adventure filled year awaits you. Welcome it by celebrating your birthday with pomp and splendour. Birthdays don’t just represent the day you were born; it encompasses who you are.

While people belong to a different caste, creed, religious orientations and continents even, the one celebration common to all is celebrating their and their loved one’s Birthday. This is also the day children want to be treated as the Prince or Princess of their world and rightly so. And as their wish is our command:

We can take them through the magical door to Narnia or help create their very own Frozen Olaf.

We can help them lift Thor’s hammer to take down Loki or have Superman lend them his cape for a day.

You name it and we will incorporate it!

We at C.L.A.P customize Birthday Parties for your little one.

Adhering to all the tiny-tot details and catering to all your child’s whims and fancies; We take care of everything, so don’t you worry!

You can look through our pre-designed packages or tell us the theme you have in mind and we will curate end to end parties as per the theme you have in mind. Our packages include aesthetic invites that are sure to catch the eye, thematic décor that teleports you instantaneously, especially sought out games, and majestic cake selections.  Our team has a blend of new millennial blood and some have over 35 years of experience in organizing thematic birthday parties so just come to us and be rest assured, your child will experience a day that will always be remembered.