Ballet Dance

IARB Dance Foundation announces its New Batches at CLAP – Creative Learning Arts and Performance – Malad



Our school wishes to introduce ballet education in its truest form. without being disturbed by the commercialized aspect of the dance industry in Mumbai, our school aims at providing a wholesome ballet curriculum with guidance from the best ballet masters of the world under the Vaganova institution.

Our syllabus & program is shaped for both hobby & professional purposes individually, having been directly derived from the Vaganova school which includes practical lessons in classical ballet & pointe shoes and theoretical lessons in the history of ballet, vocabulary & terminology, etc.


CLAP – Creative Learning Arts and Performance

Where we promote family wellness and overall well-being of individuals using the power of creative arts and culture. At C.L.A.P, we ensure the overall development of a child with a focus on identifying each child’s unique potential and self- expression in a community setting. There are special offerings for parents on parenting reflections, counseling, and overall wellbeing.



Originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century, ballet is a highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary based on French terminology. There are different styles of classical ballet that are related to its area of origin such as French ballet, Italian ballet & Russian ballet.

The Russian ballet also is known as the Vaganova method was devised by the great Russian Dancer Agripinna Vaganova in the 1920s. It fuses the elements of the romantic French style with the athleticism of Italian technique.



The first & only Indian to have received training from the masters of the best ballet schools in the world, at the VAGANOVA ACADEMY in St. Petersburg. She has also Trained at Finland, Croatia, London & Budapest under masters:

1. Nadezhda Tsay (Vaganova)

2. Anastasia Vasilieva (Vaganova)

3. Vadim Sirotin (Vaganova)

4. Ilya Novoseltcev (Vaganova, Eifman, Mikhailovsky)

5. Yuri Demakov (Bolshoi)

6. Anna Generalova (St Petersburg )

7. Tatiana Vdovicheva (Perm)

8. Muruev Denis (Perm)

9. Boris Myasniko (Perm)

10. Ivan Putrov (Royal convent garden)

11. Melinda Peters (Hungarian Ballet)

12. Alexandr Lukjanov (CNT)

13. Sven copony (Munchen school)

14. Paula Pevsuck (CNT)