Company Profile

Welcome to C.L.A.P

CLAP is a Creative Learning Arts and Performance center, where we promote family wellness and overall well-being of individuals using the power of creative arts and culture. At C.L.A.P, we ensure the overall development of a child with a focus on identifying each child’s unique potential and self- expression in a community setting. There are special offerings for parents on parenting reflections, counseling and overall wellbeing.

Clap hosts a wide array of classes, workshops, events and therapies with a rich pool of talent vide our various verticals like:

Leaf – rejuvenate revive and heal with the best of wellness workshops

Wings – ascribes to self-expression with an array of art, culture exhibits and expressive art therapy. Clap’s art wall showcases unique artists and their collection of paintings that lend panache to any décor.

Fiesta – a celebration of life with the magic of performing arts. Clap has an intimate performance space with chilled out seating on bean bags, dhurries and chairs, which stages the best of black box theatre, popular plays, stand-up comedy and musical gigs. The Stage is fitted with state of the art sound and light systems.

Catch ‘em young – is an empowerment lab for children with facilitators and experts from theater, expressive arts, story- telling and counseling backgrounds.