Creative Learning Arts and Performances

C.L.A.P uses the power of creative arts to foster self-expression, learn, heal, grow and develop personal effectiveness.

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    Cube Matrix Online Chess Class

    Make your child think out of the box.  To enhance your child’s overall development C.L.A.P Wings and the “Cube Matrix Academy” present an online workshop aiming to sharpen the child’s mind and improve their analytical skills.  Offers:  This workshop offers a set of skills that aim at the overall development of a child and enhance him as an individual.  1.Quality chess lessons  2.A unique syllabus  3.Effective and Focused training by the best facilitators.   4.Flexible timings  5.Training in 3 languages. Benefits:   1.Learning from the comfort of home  2.Sharpens an individual’s logical reasoning.  3.Improves concentration.  4.Imparts discipline.  5.Helps improve academic performance. Course duration: 3 months  Timings: Every Sunday…

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    Personal Training Dance Class by DanzTanz

    Want to work your mind and body at the same time? Then dance away your boredom as you learn a…

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    CLAP FIT – Dancercise

    Dancercise your way to fitness! Beat the blues of stressful workouts with a dance-based fitness regime, from the comfort of…

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    Online Chankya Chess class

    The wait is Over ………..Chess class at CLAP!! Gift your child the best 5 boost boon for his brain! 1)…

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