Flamenco Dance Workshop

Name of the facilitator: Kunal Om

Get introduced to:

• Various Flamenco Dance Rhythms
• Basics of Flamenco Dance Technique
• Basics of Footwork Techniques
• Basics of Hand & Feet Co-ordination
• Counting & Clapping Flamenco Rhythms

The Spanish Flamenco is not just a dance form. It’s a culture in itself. The Flamenco dance is one of the world’s most intense, energetic, enthralling & passionate art forms which has its Roots & Origin in India.
This 6 hours workshop is an introduction to the world of Flamenco. It’s not just a dance class but beyond dance where you will learn a lot about the Flamenco music, Different Flamenco Rhythm Patterns, Different styles of Flamenco clapping and ofcourse dance techniques, footwork techniques, watch videos & documentary on the culture of flamenco.

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