Calorie Culture

Name of the facilitator: Kanchana Jayaram Kapadia

Product description: Good health demands a holistic approach. It’s not just about reaching your ideal weight, but also about being fit and healthy.
Everyone is unique. No two people have the same body type, daily routine, likes/dislikes and health goals. With that in focus, our programs are designed to be flexible and are tailored to suit your needs. Each program considers your overall lifestyle and not just your diet. So, once it starts working for you, it becomes a new lifestyle.

Product takeaway:

  • Body Composition Analysis
    Our full body composition analysis measures not just your weight, but your body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and other health related parameters too. We also conduct different nutritional & fitness assessments
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Counseling
    We conduct an in-depth evaluation of your existing dietary habits, activity profile, daily routine etc. Based on this analysis and other
    parameters, we make recommendations that are practical, and fit your schedule, to help achieve your health and weight goals

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